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Eating the equivalent of one peanut M&M less every day could transform the trajectory of your body weight.: The LATO Nudge

Look after the ounces and the pounds will take care of themselves. That is a phrase from backpacking. Backpackers need to be really careful about what they take along and how much it weighs because all the little extra things add up and pretty soon your lugging an uncomfortably heavy pack.
4 min read

Three Simple Ways to Increase Your Happiness ASAP

When it comes to cultivating happiness its the small things that really matter. Study findings in psychology show that the frequency of our positive experiences matter much more than the intensity of our positive experiences.
5 min read

The Ceremony of Tea: The Path to a Calm Happier Life

There are a ton of health benefits to be enjoyed from drinking green tea. But you won’t profit from them unless you develop the habit of drinking it regularly. I have been reflecting on how I got into the habit. Its been long enough now that I can trace the subtle changes in my daily performance.
3 min read

It’s What you’re Sure About that Ain’t So that gets you in Trouble: I’m learning to learn better. (and I’m taking you with me.)

The ability to learn is the key to developing a growth mindset. I am continuously trying to learn how to learn better. Knowing how to learn well is a super power.
2 min read

Sleep is Nature’s Balm

Being awake builds up metabolic toxins in your brain that are flushed out when you sleep. When you’re asleep, your brain cells shrink slightly, creating additional space between them, allowing fluid to flow through and wash out toxins. So sleep is your brain’s way of keeping itself clean and healthy.
4 min read

Exploring the Importance of Photosynthesis and the Krebs Cycle

We are stardust, energy transformation, and chemical reactions in clothes.

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The Road to Becoming a Unicorn: A Quick Guide to Startup Funding Rounds

The whole process of funding and developing startups has become more widespread because the cost of getting a product to market has dropped so precipitously in the past couple of decades from millions of dollars to typically anywhere from under $20,000 to $500,000.

Oh Behave! Behavioral Economics: Why we do what we do.

Behavioral Economics is a method of economic analysis that applies psychological insights into human behavior to explain economic decision making.

Professional Development: 3 Types of Skill Sets

To perform effectively in a job and advance to greater responsibilities requires developing a well rounded set of skills. Every job and every industry has its specifics but these skill sets are general and apply across all jobs. Skills are fundamental for turning a job into a career trajectory and this trajectory is part of our personal fulfillment in life.

The Express Train to Cultivating Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

In Praise of Reading Literature, Fiction, Biography, Autobiography and History

Negotiating Wise Agreement: Creating Better Outcomes

Negotiations have been carried out for as long as humans have existed. It could be argued that beating a fellow caveman with a club was simply negotiating by other means. Negotiations have become more nuanced, if not always more civil, over time and have produced treaties and trade agreements and have resolved myriad disputes.

Resources for Entrepreneurs and Startups: Crush the entrepreneurial learning curve

Crush the entrepreneurial learning curve, reduce risk, and up the chances for success with these resources.
Business Law
6 min read

You are a Business: You already know all you need to know about running a business

You already know all about business. And what you don’t carry, the experience of an expert, can help you be successful in an economy where all existing industries and business models are ripe for disruption. Zen master Shunryu Suzuki said, “The mind of the beginner is empty, free of the habits of the expert, ready to accept, to doubt, and open to all the possibilities.”

Thoughts on a Skills based Economy

The job market is more than ever predicated on a marketplace of ideas. These ideas are commercialized into new business models and our job becomes figuring out where we want to fit into these ecosystems. In order to stay relevant and resilient in today’s workplace we need to focus on developing a collection of skills as well as, or maybe rather than, a particular profession.

21st Century Education and Employment

We all keep hearing about the accelerating rate of technological change. The rate of change itself is accelerating. It’s an exponential phenomenon. Gordon Moore, the cofounder of Intel, codified it in a research paper published in 1965. He outlined that the amount of transistors on a silicon chip was doubling about every 18 months and that trend was going to continue. It has continued for 50 years.

Ser un Mejor Negociador

Este libro está diseñado para ayudarlo a comenzar a pensar acerca de la negociación como una habilidad que puede aprender y desarrollar para resolver conflictos, establecer acuerdos y lograr consenso.
Business Law
2 min read

Negociación, gestión y liderazgo

En este nuevo mundo donde las líneas directas de autoridad se han transformado en redes de colaboración, la negociación se ha convertido en la principal forma de toma de decisiones y una clave para la gestión y el liderazgo.
Business Law
2 min read

Negociación de Principios

La idea detrás de Negociación de Principios es usar una metodología que elimine las emociones y los egos del proceso al aceptar trabajar juntos para abordar las preocupaciones en lugar de engañar, o superar a los demás para lograr el dominio. Incorpora estándares objetivos acordados para evaluar opciones y utiliza sesiones de intercambio de ideas colaborativas para encontrar esas opciones.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

The idea of standing on the shoulders of giants didn’t originate with Newton and his famously humble quote.

Productivity, Creativity and Focus: The Paradox of Choice and how to deal with it.

We live like kids in a candy store. We have access to all the information of recorded history at our fingertips. Its the akashic records made real. We can listen to any song ever recorded or read any surviving book ever written. We can take free courses in any subject from world class universities and instructors. We have cheap tools to write, record, produce video, publish, share, and promote. Barriers to entry and traditional gatekeepers are gone.
2 min read

Dancing With the Stars: One can sing and dance or one can create a space where singers and dancers flourish.

Teaching is a big responsibility. I want to make sure that I am aware not to blunt or blight or truncate aspirations and ambitions by providing less that useful or outdated information.
2 min read

Inventory and Little’s Law: A Little formula goes a long way

Carrying too much inventory is risky and inefficient. The drawbacks of excessively high inventory levels are the high costs of carrying it and the risk that it won’t sell and then you are stuck moving it at a discount or end up eating the costs. There are benefits to carrying inventory that we will now explore. Inventory acts as a buffer against the vagaries of Demand. You want to design enough capacity to accommodate customers when there is a rush. The optimal capacity can be calculated by measuring flow rate and flow time and applying statistics. Inventory decouples supply from demand as you have a buffer which can also enhance your ability to accommodate a rush. Inventory protects against the variability of demand and process time (how long it takes to make a product). You can have operations that make to stock or make to order.
Business Law
3 min read

Basics of Microeconomics: Supply and Demand

Let’s break the concept of graphing supply and demand down by thinking about any product that you buy in your daily life. How about pizza!

IRR Caveats: IRR is a powerful and insightful financial metric. Just don’t use it stand-alone.

Internal Rate of Return is derived from Net Present Value. IRR restates NPV as a percentage rate. It is a measure with intuitive appeal. It provides a way of grasping the rate of return a project, or income-producing asset, is yielding.

One Size Fits All, not.: Procrustean Bed

I just recently heard about the ancient Greek myth of Procrustes who claimed he had a bed that could accommodate anyone of any height. I am surprised I haven’t heard of this before. Its such a fantastic metaphor and cautionary tale. Ilove having these kinds of stories in my arsenal as they act as shorthand to describe ranges of situations we find ourselves encountering.
Business Law
7 min read

Elasticity of Demand: How much do you really want it?

This is a cool concept to be familiar with as a business person because it helps us calculate the best price for our product or service. By best price I mean the one that maximizes revenues.

Microeconomics Made Easy: Behavior, Decisions and Choices

Microeconomics is about the behavior, decisions and choices of individual actors. There are four main parts of microeconomics: Individual Behavior, Supply and Demand, Theory of the Firm, Competition.

Business Administration: Leverage your life experience

It’s called your life, and it’s about getting, spending and saving; in business it’s called Revenues, Expenses and Retained Earnings.

Laws, Rules and Principles: Quick contexts to sort the world

Here is a list of interesting data driven properties that shed light on how our world works and how we operate.
2 min read

April 4: April is the cruelest month

Martin Luther King was assassinated on this day. Shots ring out in a Memphis sky. There are few people I can think of that lived as prophets in modern times. In the twentieth century Gandhi is the only other one that comes to mind. MLK and Gandhi have in common their adherence to non violent protest in the face of vicious opposition.
2 min read

Real Option Pricing: Projects that expand the set of opportunities have positive option values.

Taking on new projects opens doors to new opportunities. Those opportunities have a value that can be analyzed using option pricing models. When we are valuing new enterprises, startups, or projects, we may not be adequately capturing this in our valuations.

The Pernicious Effects of Misplaced Ambition and Aspiration.: The Wisdom of Adam Smith

Here is a great quote from Smith’s 1759 book The Theory of Moral Sentiments where he lays out good reasons not to be discontent with not being rich and famous.
3 min read

Be Yourself, Only More so: Double down on your true north

When we move into management and leadership roles, we tend to think we need to adjust our personality to be more hardcore and put on our game face. The best way to be comfortable in roles of increasing responsibility is to rely on the core of our authentic selves.
Business Law
2 min read

Shine on you crazy diamond: Strive for sui generous

Now there’s something you don’t see everyday Wilbur. What’s that Jethro? A pig swimming with a bird on its head. That is pretty unique. One might say its sui generous.
2 min read

Watch Your Language: Be a cunning linguist

Language is one of the keystone innovations of humanity. Perhaps the keystone innovation. Language is a power tool. It is our super power.
Business Law
2 min read

Buridan’s Ass: When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Buridan’s ass is a concept in philosophy used to illustrate a problem that arises in thinking about free will. It describes the balancing point between two equally desirable options.
Business Law
4 min read

Business Ethics: Oxymoron? What a tangled web we weave

Business schools teach ethics and companies have developed and instituted policies aimed at fostering an ethical workplace. If these efforts are more than lip service, why is unethical behavior and corporate corruption so prevalent?


Success is ultimately determined by your ability perform and deliver value in a variety of situations. This requires fulfilling your potential and becoming most fully who you are meant to be.

Ikigai: finding our purpose

I have been spending a lot of time pondering what success means and what it looks like and I have just stumbled upon a Japanese concept that directly addresses this issue. Sometimes I am amazed about how I don’t hear about things sooner. This seems to be a common cultural concept in Japan and has gathered traction among the cognoscenti in the U.S. How come I didn’t get the memo sooner? Well I want to share it with you in case you haven’t stumbled on it yet.
4 min read

Management Gurus

Here is a list of some of the most influential thought leaders in management and leadership. I like to make reference lists like this so I can keep track of the constellation of important people and ideas. I hope you find it helpful too. If you have any I should add, please comment. Thanks!

Growth and Patterning

A growth sequence that appears in remarkably manifestations in nature is described by a simple math function called the Fibonacci series. It is beautiful as it is simple.

The Anna Karenina Principle

Life is very much about managing and navigating the unseen and unintended crap we encounter. The obstacles may be the way but they sure taste foul in the moment.

Festina Lente: Make Haste Slowly

There are lots of maxims and bromides circulating about going fast and breaking things. These are meant to get us over the inertia of inaction. Inaction is lame. Whether its fear, or analysis paralysis, procrastination, or just plain laziness that keeps us in check, inaction is lame.

Deadlines and Commitments: Productivity hacks

I embrace them as a productivity hack. Deadlines and commitments make us productive by forcing us to focus and shelve all the really interesting distractions that keep us from completing our appointed tasks. If you want to get more done, commit to something with a deadline and consequences to not finishing. The consequences can be embarrassment, humiliation, monetary loss, a law suit, or anything else that feels uncomfortable.

The Sweet Spot: The Goldilocks Principle

The Goldilocks principle is named after the fairy tale The Three Bears. In this tale our hero Goldilocks while in the forest comes upon the domicile of the bears and checks it out while they are away. There are three bowls of porridge: too hot, too cold and just right, and three beds: too big, too small, and just right.

Ad Hominem: Don’t fall into this negotiation trap

There is a lot of wisdom to be gleaned from the ancients. In many ways they knew so much more than we do. One thing they had down was that they knew the power of persuasion and refined the arts of argumentation, oratory and negotiation.

Entrepreneurship: Pilgrim’s Progress: Startup Journey

When developing a startup, entrepreneurs should follow the lean startup methodology. Here is a list of some great resources to get you up to speed.
2 min read

Metaphor and Identity: The unintended consequences of our most powerful tool

Metaphors are powerful language tools for helping us communicate and understand the world around us.
2 min read

Kiss up, Kick down

People that follow this pathological approach to management and career advancement can actually thrive in a bureaucracy or corporate culture. They can percolate up and advance by managing up with sycophancy and managing down with insults, sarcasm, humiliation, threats, shouting and other time worn techniques of the sociopath.
1 min read

Ethical Leadership: Developing a principled approach

Ethical leaders have external reference points and guiding principles. They have a pole star that they navigate by and criteria against which they measure each and every decision and action.

In Defense of Sophistry

A paid teacher of philosophy and rhetoric in ancient Greece, associated in popular thought with moral skepticism and specious reasoning. A person who reasons with clever but fallacious arguments.
5 min read

Strategic Leadership: PREPARE For Organizational Learning

Strategic Leadership is the ability to influence others to engage their own decision-making abilities and agency in navigating wiser outcomes that reduce risk and enhance the prospects for an organization’s success, while maintaining financial sustainability.

The tools and techniques of Entrepreneurship: A distillation

The front-end activities of starting a business enterprise have gone through a radical rethinking in the past decade. In the previous century the thinking was to apply the tools and techniques of business administration in a scaled down version.

Shiva, Schumpeter, and Social Responsibility: Creative Destruction and Compensation for the Destroyed

The Trimurti is a concept in Hinduism in which the cosmic functions of creation, maintenance, and destruction are personified by the forms of Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer. These three deities are the Hindu Trinity and represent the different aspects of transformation.
4 min read

Occam’s Razor and Lean Startup Methodology: Keep it Simple

One of the first steps out of the dark ages was the articulation of a heuristic technique for selecting between competing theories. It has served humanity well for the past seven hundred plus years and entrepreneurs should keep it in mind and apply it in developing startups.

From the Foot of Hercules: Extrapolation and Predictive Power

I love finding out about cool antique ideas. This one is about extrapolation (which is also the name of a great album by John McLaughlin). Extrapolation is the estimating technique of concluding something by assuming that existing trends will continue or a current method will remain applicable.

Graduation Thoughts: Godspeed and Fair Weather!

I look around and you are all bright and clear eyed and engaged. I see way too many people get hammered down by life; be careful and cautious. Don’t fall into traps of poor habits that don’t serve you and negative thinking. You can see the effects of the soul-crusher in the bone weary fatigue borne of regret or any pair of sad tired defeated eyes. Be respectful of your future self and don’t go down paths that lead there.

Race, or embrace, the machines: The Human Use of Human Beings

Business and work are becoming automated in profound ways. Soon they will have to change the name of the department from HR to HRR: Human and Robot Resources.

Solo: Solopreneur: just me and the robots

I have made several large transitions in my working life. I started out working for companies and worked for some really great ones. But after many years, I began to tire of having the fruits of my efforts go to others and having others tell me what to do and what was important. I chafed at authority and the claustrophobic atmosphere. I just lost interest, patience and enthusiasm.
4 min read

The Meaning of Money: Past, Present and Future: The Numbers Side of Business

At the end of the day business boils down to numbers. Here is a quick summary of the big picture the numbers side of capitalist enterprise.

The Importance of Reading: Resetting Priorities

Sometimes I find myself wrestling with two modes of being: doing stuff and thinking about stuff. If I sit and read, or just stare and let things percolate for too long, I feel guilty. I should be doing something constructive. But it feels so good and I know that this is where ideas come from.

We are all Kevin Bacons!

There is a powerful Network Effect in play.
Business Law
1 min read

Business History and Future Innovation

The business world is based on innovative practices developed over the past 300 years since the mid 1700s and the first industrial revolution. Accounting is even older.
Business Law
12 min read

The Autodidact’s Route to Becoming a Business Leader: Here is a roadmap and a compass

The purpose of this article is to set the stage and lay out the context for achieving those goals.

MBA ASAP: This article is about who I started my company, MBA ASAP, to serve.

I am an engineer by trade and I have an Ivy League MBA. I have started and ran a number of companies. For quite a while now I have been teaching college and graduate level business courses. This trajectory of life experience, coupled with an increasing awareness of the potential power of new tools now available to each of us, is what has motivated me to write down my ideas of what the essential business knowledge and skill sets are to get going and be successful.

Solve Social Problems with Business Models: A case for using business models to solve social problems

I have come to believe that a for-profit business model approach can be very useful to help solving large-scale global problems by providing sustainable platforms on which to operate and address them.

Create Yourself by Defining What You Are Not: Via Negativa

There is this really powerful idea that Tim Ferriss turned me on to called Via Negativa.
5 min read

Eating the equivalent of one peanut M&M less every day could transform the trajectory of your body weight.: The LATO Nudge

Look after the ounces and the pounds will take care of themselves. That is a phrase from backpacking. Backpackers need to be really careful about what they take along and how much it weighs because all the little extra things add up and pretty soon your lugging an uncomfortably heavy pack.

The Art of Letting Go: Acceptance, surrender, and commitment.

In life, business, and relationships we are routinely confronted with situations were how we have done it before no longer suits the circumstances we are now confronting. Being able to let go and escape old notions is a critical skill.

There is no Royal Road

In learning and acquiring skills I have found two competing tendencies: my desire to learn things fast and my desire to learn something well.

Why I write short books on business subjects

The books I write are meant to be kept slim and to the point as overviews of the business administration landscape. I want to keep the length manageable. I am attempting to adhere to the adage of Joseph Needham that a volume should not be too big for someone to read comfortably in their bath.

What is an MBA: What is its purpose and alternatives

An MBA degree is a professional Master’s degree in Business Administration. The MBA curriculum has developed over the past century in response to the demand of complex enterprises for professional managers. As the industrial revolution progressed, enterprises became bigger and more complex and the stock market separated owners from managers of companies. The need for a professional management class became necessary.

Creative Destruction and Disruptive Disruption: Implementing Ideas and the Economics of Startups

The barriers to creating, marketing and selling products and services have been drastically reduced in the past decade. Now small groups and even solo entrepreneurs can harness the power of computers and leverage communications networks and social media to do work and undertake projects that took many more people and resources in the past and, as such, where prohibitively expensive and difficult.

Go Forth and Prosper

When I got my MBA, I decided to go to a top school so I would never feel like I missed out on some arcane or occult knowledge of success in business that only passed among the illuminati, cognoscenti and elites. It turns out that there isn’t such knowledge passed in secret ceremonies and venerated on stone tablets. It’s all common sense for the most part; and some math. Here is the basic premise: You create something that people need, You let them know about it and You make it for less than you sell it for. That is pretty much it. Now go forth and prosper!
Business Law
14 min read

Fundamentals of Business: The view from 30,000 feet

In running a business you interact with people and have processes and money to deal with, getting and spending, just like in your everyday life.

Bespoke Solutions in Medicine and Education: Custom Made to Order delivered ASAP

It used to be that we had to settle for one-size fits all solutions in many of our large-scale social endeavors like medicine and education
1 min read

Wow, my book on Corporate Finance rated #2 best of All Time by Bookauthority

Understanding Corporate Finance made it to the Best Corporate Finance Books of All Time

No Asshole Rule: One bad apple spoils the bunch

This is a great concept that has really stuck with me, probably because the name is so sticky.

Boldness has Genius, Power, and Magic in it.: When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Our understanding of strategy and tactics is rooted in prior experience. This limits our ability to address current situations. Prior experience isn’t necessarily applicable in solving current problems because of rapid change and progress.

Reduce Friction in Your Life: The art of letting someone else have your way

Think about important decisions in you life: the ones that have the greatest impact on your performance at work and your satisfaction at home. How many of those can you make unilaterally & how many do you have to reach with others through negotiation?
Business Law
5 min read

Business Ethics and Corporate Misbehavior: Is Corporate Corruption Intentional?

Business ethics examines ethical principles and how to apply those principles when addressing moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. It applies to all aspects of business conduct and the behavior of individuals and entire organizations.

Put First Things First: Combat procrastination

Triage is a medical term for assigning degrees of urgency to injuries and illnesses. Its a technique used in emergency rooms and battlefield hospitals to make sure the most in need get care the quickest. In many cases time can be of the essence.

Ethics and Philosophy: Practice what you fear and you can act fearlessly.

A well-developed sense of ethics requires a well-developed personal philosophy. And that requires a basic understanding of philosophy.

In Praise of Schedules, Routines and Plans: Structure is Freeing

I’m a big fan of schedules and routines and morning rituals and any structure that helps me get things done. I love to focus on long term big projects and feel the sense of accomplishment that comes from working on something day after day.

The Deity is in the Details

I like that saying better than the common one. It makes me feel less cynical and burdened with ennui. Bullocks to ennui.

AIDA Marketing Framework: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

This isn’t about the famous opera by Verdi. Its about Marketing.

A Pause for the Cause: Don’t get mad, don’t get even, Get What You Want.

Pause and breath. You can’t unring a bell. Don’t say things when you are hot that you will later regret.

Embracing the Suck: A Path to an Easier Life

Avoiding challenges in life is like trying to toast bread with a flashlight. It’s a bright idea, but it won’t get you far.
3 min read

Behind the Mind’s Veil: The Intricate Dance of Belief and Perception

In the grand theater of the human experience, our minds are the insatiable directors, constantly scripting what our eyes cast upon the world’s stage.

The Next Phase of Capitalism: Kinder and gentler disruptive storm

The corporate structure has been one of the great developments of the industrial age and a significant driver of economic development for the past almost two centuries.

The Greatest Love Affairs: Top ten love affairs of all time

If you apply the 5 whys interrogative technique to pretty much anything we do, the bedrock reason will be that we want to be loved. But in many instances we have closed ourselves off to our ultimate goal in order to protect ourselves from being hurt. Again.
Business Law
10 min read

The 4 Ps of Marketing: Plus an extra P

Alliterating Ps is a popular way to create a memorable acronym. There are the 5Ps of planning: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. This saying comes from the British army and is a shortcut of the original, cruder, 7Ps which mean Proper Planning and Preparation Prevent Piss Poor Performance.

Team Size: Spoiler: The Optimal Number is 5.

Size does matter. Small is beautiful. A key to management, leadership, and entrepreneurship is creating teams that are sized in the sweet spot. That number is five plus or minus two. That goes for boards, development teams, meetings, and decision making.

Mission Critical

Define your mission statement. This is one sentence that summarizes what you are trying to do. It should be able to stand up on its own.

Amor Fati: Love of Fate

Amor Fati is Latin for “love of fate”. It is an attitude of acceptance of the events or situations that occur in one’s life.

Practice What You Fear and You Can Act Fearlessly: Ethics and Stoic Philosophy

Ethical principles are well known and drilled into us from toddler, through school, and on up. We all know the path, but sometimes its challenging to walk it. We are tempted to compromise our principles because we are scared of what we might lose.

If you ever feel down about past failures and mistakes: Read This

There are times when we all need a little pick me up. When we lose momentum and get caught up bemoaning the past.

Digital Marketing Terminology: Online marketing terminology that applies to the touchpoints along the Customer Journey.

There is terminology specific to online marketing and apply to touchpoints along the Customer Journey.

Cognitive Nets and Offloading: Capture and Develop Your Ideas

Thoughts and ideas are ephemeral and flit by like butterflies rising and falling as the summer wind lives and dies. Its pleasant to watch them float by but we lose a source of our best selves if we don’t follow them.

Leadership is a Choice: Step Up

Leadership starts with you. It starts with your values and how much you value them. You must have a strong ethical sense and moral compass that guide your decisions. And you must be willing to stand up and be counted when events or circumstances don’t match up to your values.

Right Action: Be Here Now

Aspirations are great. Dreaming and striving for more is what keeps us going and motivated. But there is a shadow side to aspirations that we need to be aware of and ensure we balance. If we are always dreaming and pushing forward, we can diminish the value of the moment and the work we are doing right now.

Reinvent Yourself: Indulge Your Transformational Imperative

How do you get to the next level? How do you level up? Aspiring to take anything to the next level is a sign of leadership. Leaders ask questions in the pursuit of doing something better. They see something better and they go get it, they make it happen. Leaders push to create a reality that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Shine on You Crazy Diamond: The Meaning of Life

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who divide things into two groups, and those who don’t.

Be more Bayesian: True life is lived when tiny changes occur.

Bayesian inference is a method in statistics in which Bayes’ theorem is used to update the probability of a hypothesis as new evidence or information becomes available.

Great News! You are a Brainiac.: Manage your 5 Brains like a super hero.

Do you ever recall hearing that you only use about ten percent of your brain? Well that is not true. You use all of your brain.

Management and Leadership: The Yin and Yang of Business

An orchestra has many different instruments filling many different roles. To make music, it takes a conductor.