In Defense of Sophistry

John Cousins
February 7, 2023
2 min read

In Defense of Sophistry


A paid teacher of philosophy and rhetoric in ancient Greece, associated in popular thought with moral skepticism and specious reasoning. A person who reasons with clever but fallacious arguments.

In modern times sophists have gotten a bad rap as teaching deceptive tactics. But in classical times sophists were teachers of pragmatic skill sets. Sophistry needs to be rehabilitated as a term for teaching and support in getting up the continuous learning curves of skill sets needed to navigate the opportunities of a rapidly changing world.

The purpose is to prepare all of us for future careers that we can’t adequately foresee or anticipate For many of us our future may consist of an assemblage of micro-jobs without a single direct boss, hierarchy, and company.

For humans, the biggest barrier to adaption is mindset and self-perception.

In the recent past our professions have held sway and influence over our identities. A micro-job life can make it more difficult to succinctly answer the age-old cocktail party question: “So, what do you do?”

Gig Economy

What happens to that in a micro-job life?

Call yourself an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur is a word everyone pretty much knows now and it is surrounded by mystique and cache. Hide behind its shield of prestige. And do what you love.

Here are some posts to get you started:

Business Model Canvas

Lean Startup Method

Growth Hacking

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