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John Cousins has taught teams at industry-leading institutions




John Cousins, a best-selling author, entrepreneur, speaker, investor, and professor who has taken two companies public shares all the theory, strategies and thinking patterns he picked up along the way.

* Learn how to think like a CFO and take control of your finances. Learn to make smart financial decisions for you, whether you're a startup founder, employee, parent, or student.



01 • Corporate

Improve your financial skills with a Corporate Finance course. Learn investment decisions, asset valuation, and resource allocation. Analyze financial statements without prior experience. Study online with an expert instructor and increase financial intelligence for higher profits. Empower your learning with confidence.

02 • Negotiate

Unlock your negotiating power with a learnable skill. Master the art of conflict resolution, agreement building, and deal making. Improve outcomes, boost management and leadership skills. Rely on negotiation for effective decision-making in a collaborative world. Gain insights for everyday negotiations online with expert faculty.

03 • Startup

Become a successful entrepreneur with our business course. Learn multiple skills, tools, and strategies to build a successful company from scratch. Study online with expert instructors. Master the Lean Startup Method, customer discovery, business formation, product/market fit, startup financing, marketing and more. Gain a solid understanding of business concepts and hone your skills for success.



Giorgia Thorson
Finance student

John Cousins is not only knowledgeable in corporate finance, but also an exceptional teacher. His engaging personality makes the course enjoyable and his real-world examples bring the material to life. Take this course and boost your financial skills and your confidence in making informed decisions.

Kaleb Hargrove

I recently took John Cousin's negotiating course and it was amazing! I had no prior experience in negotiating, but the course really helped me understand the basics and more. John is a fantastic instructor - he's knowledgeable, approachable and made the material very easy to understand.

Lisa Eisler

I recently enrolled in John Cousin's startup course and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. As an accountant, I was looking for a course that would help me understand the aspect of starting a business, and this course exceeded my expectations. John is a highly-recommended instructor.