Creative Destruction and Disruptive Disruption: Implementing Ideas and the Economics of Startups

John Cousins
February 7, 2023
2 min read

The barriers to creating, marketing and selling products and services have been drastically reduced in the past decade. Now small groups and even solo entrepreneurs can harness the power of computers and leverage communications networks and social media to do work and undertake projects that took many more people and resources in the past and, as such, where prohibitively expensive and difficult.

The realm of corporations is now the realm of individuals. Corporations were revolutionary organizational structures that, over the last century, have had a staggering impact on the rapid industrialization and technological progress of modern life.

In the past, corporations were a way to concentrate capital and resources and bring professional management to bear to mass produce and mass market products and services. Now with technical innovations and computational power and connectivity driving toward zero cost, the barriers to organizing enterprises for productive work and innovation are extremely reduced if not completely removed.

Start-ups are doable, and scaling up is achievable.

New opportunities, barrier-less access and automation leverage are having a huge impact on the direction and the story of the making and reimagining of the world; and the making and reimagining of our individual lives.

MBA ASAP provides an overview of the tools of capitalist business so you can fully participate in this self-creation and world-creation.

Ready, Fire, Aim

Don’t wait to start actualizing your ideas. Take action, see what happens, and course-correct as you go along. Use MBA ASAP resources to help you steer the course. MBA ASAP will help you get it right the first time. Never underestimate the value of getting it right the first time.

the making and reimagining of the world and the making and reimagining of our individual lives

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John Cousins
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