Twenty-One Impactful Ideas to Achieve Financial Freedom

John Cousins
February 7, 2023
4 Minutes

Life is not a game. Yet, we still pick the games we live to play in this life.

The game of wealth isn’t particularly complicated.

You have access to wealth-building formulas right in front of you. available without charge. Your time and effort are, nevertheless, required.

You can achieve financial freedom through a combination of the following:

• Disciplined saving

• Investing

• Pursuing an in-demand job (instead of following a ‘passion’)

Here, we’ll go over ten impactful ideas. Here are ten steps that put us more on the course to help us move beyond where we are stuck and instead toward what we ought to be:

On Financial Literacy

Life is easy if you understand money. But, on the other hand, life is tough if you don’t understand money.

The knack for understanding money does not require genius-level Intelligence. Instead, it’s a collection of straightforward lessons that, taken separately, are simple enough to understand yet when combined, create a superpower.

You are the boss; money is your servant. Avoid flipping that equation since many very intelligent people have already done so to their detriment.

On Buying Stuff:

Poor folks buy things. Middle-class people buy homes. Wealthy people invest their money and buy income-producing assets.

We end up being owned by the things we “own.” As a result, people tend to be unhappier and more worried as their possessions increase. On the other hand, individuals are happier and more content when they own fewer material possessions and spend more money on experiences, such as traveling or learning new skills.

Dopamine, the pleasure hormone, may be quickly and easily produced by shopping. However, the same molecule is released when we enjoy food, engage in sexual activity, use drugs, or complete a task that makes us feel good. So be mindful and choose wisely.

On Income:

Incoming funds are necessary.

It supports your way of life and provides for your family.

Most people serious about improving their quality of life create additional income sources since incoming cash flow is so crucial.

The king is cash flow. Evaluate your income first.

On Saving:

Your savings rate, not your income, determines how long it will take you to achieve financial independence. What matters is how much you keep, not how much you earn. Saving more money will hasten the process of becoming financially independent. Spend less, save more.

Contrary to many sales offers, there are no shortcuts to financial success. Put bluntly, that’s someone else making money off of you.

On Investing:

Index investing outperforms most actively managed mutual funds without the drag of management fees.

By betting on the overall growth of the stock market, index investing eliminates the guesswork involved in attempting to anticipate which companies will gain or fall.

Renting out your time won’t make you rich. Owning equity, or a portion of a firm, is necessary to achieve financial independence.

Aspire to wealth rather than money or status. Having assets that generate income while you sleep is wealth. We transfer time and wealth through money. Status is where you stand in the social order.

On Personal and Professional Development:

One of the biggest myths we’ve been sold is that pursuing our passion is the key. According to statistics, following your passion results in underemployment or unemployment.

The world owes you nothing, and that is the truth. You can only become “special” by learning in-demand skills requiring commitment, perseverance, and long-term effort.

Gain sales skills. Become a builder. You will be unstoppable if you can accomplish both.

Skills are what generate increased income, whether it’s through job advancement or creating new side businesses.

You can always learn new things and broaden your skill set.

Put yourself in positions to succeed.

The obvious ones when it comes to earning more money are professional aspirations.

Nevertheless, setting personal goals makes you the sort of person who makes more money and maintains and increases it.

We are all playing games. Ignore those who play status games. Attacking players of wealth-creation games allows them to advance in status.

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John Cousins
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