Five Things to Remember

John Cousins
February 7, 2023
2 minutes

I’m sitting on my back porch jotting down thoughts to remind myself and share.

Work Out

Humans are anti-fragile; exposure to discomfort and uncertainty — physical, emotional, and intellectual — is necessary for our growth and ultimate well-being.

Hard choices, easy life.
Easy choices, hard life.

Learn from Others

Look for experts and mentors who are ready to explain how they came to their findings and acknowledge when they were wrong.

Thinking can help you become more knowledgeable, but should never take the place of doing actual physical action. There are some life lessons that cannot be taught by reading, study, or thought. These are only learnable by doing. Go ahead and execute.

Be Amazed

We have decided to build a house and live in the high desert in a community with a dark sky ordinance. People should have access to a night sky that is full of possibilities, featuring our home galaxy, the Milky Way, planets, stars, the moon and clouds.

Profiles in Courage

Understanding what the group believes is necessary, but this is not the same as accepting or supporting those beliefs. It is crucial to be willing to be the voice in the wilderness, especially during times of big shifts and accelerating change. Be the one who never capitulates to demonstrably false claims in order to blend in.

The Scientific Method and Progress

Science employs a methodology that alternates between induction and deduction; we look for patterns, suggest explanations, and then put those hypotheses to the test to see how well they predict possible outcomes. As a result, we produce models of the world that, when we do scientific research properly, accomplish three goals: they make better predictions than were made in the past, make fewer assumptions, and eventually fit together to form an integrated whole.

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